To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with running. On the one hand – it’s a killer cardio workout and I’ve seen my resting heart rate drop almost 10 points in just one month of consistent running. Crazy, right?

But on the other hand? I get BORED. My knees hurt. I can’t keep a steady pace to save my life.

Determined to unleash my inner runner, I turned to apps to help build a routine I can not only live with – but learn to enjoy and look forward to each day.

After lots of trial an error, these are my picks for the 5 Best Running Apps for Beginner Runners:


I don’t have their bike, but I do LOVE their app. Their outdoor running classes have amazing, high-energy instructors that keep me entertained and motivated throughout the run. I’ve done a few of the longer HIIT runs and I’m always shocked at how quickly they fly by and how controlled my pacing is with their guidance. As an added bonus they also coach you through proper form, how to regulate your breathing, and how to have the right mindset to push through the more challenging parts of the workout. It honestly feels like you have  a running coach right there by your side cheering you on!

If you want to check it out, grab their FREE 30 Day Trial here: https://var/web/site/public_html.onepeloton.com/app


Runkeeper is the old standby and doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some of the other apps. However, it’s a solid tracker and if you upgrade to the premium version their race training programs are top notch. They ask you questions regarding your goal and current running ability, and then create a custom training plan with detailed workouts to complete each week. Since it’s tracking your progress, you’ll know whether you’re on track to hit your goal or need to re-evaluate your routine. They also have challenges you can join along with a “Create a Running Group” feature to help you stay motivated and accountable to your running goals.

You can sign-up for FREE or upgrade to Premium for just $9.99 month/$39.99 a year: https://runkeeper.com

STUDIO: HiiT Treadmill Workout

I absolutely love running outside, but when it’s 105+ outside with 85% humidity I’m not about to risk human combustion. On those days, the Studio app is my go-to. They have a great selection of treadmill workouts all with super fun playlists and talented instructors. Their HIIT workouts are my favorite and I really enjoy how the instructors keep you focused without being overly technical. Another cool feature of Studio is their live leaderboard. At the beginning of each workout you are given to option to share your distance and biometric data with the group allowing you to compete in real-time with the other participants. If you’re a fan of a little healthy competition, this will quickly become your new favorite running app!

Join a FREE 7-day trial here: https://studio.live

Rock My Run: Workout Music

If you’re pacing-challenged like me, music can be a lifesaver for helping you stay on track. The problem? It can be a major pain trying to hack together a playlist on Spotify that matches the exact tempo and cadence you need. Never mind how boring it can get listening to the same 10 songs over and over every time you go for a run. This is where Rock My Run saves the day! RMR utilizes one-of-a-kind Body-Driven Music™ technology to automatically adjust music to sync with your steps or heart rate. You can also manually manipulate music to match your ideal BPM (beats per minute). Does it work? You betcha! RockMyRun is PROVEN to increase motivation and enjoyment by up to 35% – wowza!

Grab the FREE trial here: https://var/web/site/public_html.rockmyrun.com


Full disclosure, this is NOT a true running app – but it will help you become a better runner! Glo is an online yoga subscription with over 4,000 on-demand yoga classes available in 16 different styles. It’s one of my favorite resources for yoga and the instructors are wonderful. What really makes Glo stand out for me, is the courses they provide based on your current situation and activities. For example, they have several 2-3 week yoga courses specifically for runners. Whether you’re looking to heal from an injury, offset some of the wear and tear on your body from the repetitive motions of running, or just want to learn how to stretch more effectively – they have it covered!

Try out the FREE 15 day trial here and after that it’s just $18/month: https://var/web/site/public_html.glo.com


Alright, you’ve heard my picks- which are yours?? Head over here to join the conversation! 

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