Secret Theater:

Austin’s Own Secret Garden

Sekrit Theater is one of those rare places of wonderment that calls every creative muscle in your body to flex.


Designed by artists, architects, craftsmen, wanderers, dreamers, and makers it is a place where magic happens. 

Part secret garden, part entertainment venue it is a versatile space that is the perfect canvas for photo shoots, weddings, events, film locations or just to hang out.

There is even a huge outdoor movie screen so you can watch cinema under the stars.

@512Insider Tip: Bring bug spray! 🦟

The most iconic fixture at Sekrit is the abandoned greenhouse of yesteryear. It’s the the backdrop for countelss photoshoots, weddings, and amateur films. 

When you step inside you can’t help but be struck by the beauty – and brokenness – of it all. If anything, it’s a metaphor for the many who seek the space out as a bit of refuge from normal.

Ironically, owner Beau Rechart bought the place back in 2007 on the recommendation of his therapist. It was suggested that he create a space that was quiet and safe. An oasis that might help pull him out of the solitary and secluded life he was leading at the time. 

Little did he know the space would take on a life of its own. Despite countless costly battles with the city, constant complaints from neighbors and endless criticism from skeptics, Sekrit Theater continues to breathe pure magic.

@512Insider Tip: If you would like to use Sekrit Theater as the backdrop for your next photo shoot or event, the contact details can be found on the left. 📸

One of my favorite memories at Sekrit?

Tucked inside a vintage school bus, craft cocktail in hand, drifting away listening to an acoustic set by one of Austin’s many talents. 

What’s yours? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below or message me on Instagram @512Insider


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