Let’s dive in…why you must create a unique value proposition:

Nearly 80% of the businesses in the world today are small businesses. On a daily basis I’m sure you interact with several, if not a dozen.

So why do so many businesses fail despite having a great product or service?

What determines which thrive…and which merely survive?

This “life or death” scenario plays out regularly in the real estate world. There are currently 2 million Realtors in the United States. Within the next two years, nearly 80% of them will be out of business.

What do those 20% do that is different? How do they manage to capture market share while the others languish at the $36,000 national average salary?

They both can sell the same house. They both use the same contract. In larger markets, they can even have the same brokerage, market center and productivity coach.

What determines success?

It comes down to this…

One agent has a unique and authentic way of connecting with clients. Her process is different from all the other agents, she uses comfy settings for her buyer presentations, she educates before she sells and once a month she even has a get together for her clients so they can all get to know each other and share their home buying journey. All this contributes to a great vibe. Her clients feel like they know about something special that others are missing out on.

And that other agent? She recited scripts she memorized from a book. Overwhelmed her sphere with market statistic posts on Facebook that resonated with no one. She asked, “Who do you know that’s looking to buy or sell in real estate?” before asking, “How is your son doing since he made the leap to middle school?”

In a service industry with a ton of competition there’s nothing worse than being generic. You have to stand out. You can’t shy away from what’s special about your service, you have to shout it to the masses. It’s your uniqueness that makes you stand out and attract potential clients.

The reason why many agents fail is either they’ve never thought about what sets them apart from their competition, or the thing they think makes them special isn’t special at all.

For example, there are thousands of…

  • GRI certified Realtors
  • neighborhood “experts” who can get you top dollar for your home
  • real estate agents who can tell you the value of your home “instantly”

These aren’t really things that make a real estate agent one of a kind.

For agents to stand out from their competitors, they need to find something that’s legitimately different from what everyone else is doing in their area, and that people will remember them for.

For example, when I recommend my favorite hairdresser to my girlfriends I never say “Oh, she’s so great a cutting my bangs straight!”. I say “You gotta check out Stephanie, she’s a doll! She listens to you talk nonstop about your hair quirks, will patiently check out the 100 hairstyles you’ve saved on Pinterest and gives you tons of tips on how to keep you hair looking fab even after you leave her salon.”

So while many hairdressers can do a perfect job cutting, not ALL salons offer a personalized, attentive never rushed service like this. It’s TRULY different.

Are you with me?

Creating a truly share worthy experience for a customer will not only make them recommend you to their friends, they will also choose you as their preferred provider over someone else who does exactly the same thing as you.

Working with dozens of agents at my agency, I’ve found that getting clear on what differentiates an agent from all the others ones in their office and then marketing this aspect, is the ultimate secret sauce to attracting more of the RIGHT customers and for growing their business.

Sure, it’s not always simple and clear cut to figure out your differentiation, but it’s there. I promise. Just to be clear though, it’s important to mention that the point of differentiation for a business needs to be relevant to their ideal customer as well.

Which brings us back to Marketing 101. It’s crucial to know who your ideal customer is before you think about what makes you different. You can’t skip over this step no matter how “airy fairy” it might seem.

For example, if an agents ideal customer is an environmentally conscious family, knowing where all the smart builders are in a city is a great point of differentiation. You can also provide tremendous value by being the go-to expert for eco-friendly home products, alternative power sources and sustainable farming.

So whenever we work with business owners at The Shift we go through a specific set of questions to find the RIGHT POSITIONING for the company:

  • What’s your big why?
  • If you could work with anyone, who would that be?
  • What sets you apart from your competition?

It’s incredible to see the results of business owners who have the “a-ha’s” and really nail their positioning.

If you’re not sure how to find the right positioning for your business, have no fear. Just like writing a personal biography or dating profile, it can be nerve-wracking to figure it out. You have to step out yourself a bit and think about “you” objectively.

If the struggle becomes overwhelming, just collect what notes you have and give us a call. Our hourly sessions can do wonders for nailing your positioning and getting your creative juices flowing.

After the session, we’ll even add you to our super helpful and highly engaged Facebook group so you can brainstorm with other like-minded Realtors.

We’re serious about helping agents make a bigger impact and I’d love to see more of them break through the six figures in GCI mark. If you’re ready to finally find that missing spark your business needs to catch fire, we’re happy to help!

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